But to us pilots like.

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For the Alfa Romeo now is the turn of Raikkonen, who came into the pits with a means of assistance on the track while Anthony Giovinazzo will turn tomorrow. The final of the Red Bull livery for the 2019 season yellow red bull – new and definitive livery for Red Bull, whose body reappears yellow sponsor that gives name to the team, absent during the presentation. The car will be entrusted to Verstappen and Gasly.


January 15, 2019 – A Milan Vince Lombardi Trophy, four contenders still in the running: New Orleans, Kansas City, Los Angeles (Rams) and New England. In the night between Sunday and Monday we will discover what the stars of the Super Bowl in Atlanta, scheduled for February 3rd. The Divisional NFL, the “quarters” final, told a thousand stories, as usual when it comes to the oval ball.

Here are the five judgments Journal, with a look back and another already projected to the challenges of the coming weekend. those secondary perish … – As a minor injures. The Minneapolis Miracle had not yet digested, in the Big Easy. Heavier of jambalaya.

With only 10 “to play, from their 39 yds, the Vikings had ousted the Saints from the playoffs thanks to a magic jack Diggs, but especially to the gullibility of Williams, the safety, that instead of waiting for him, tackle him, close the game, he went for the spectacular tackle, missing, and leaving a grassland to the opposing receiver that had marked the goal of triumph in stoppage time. Philly Against the Saints were again completed an amazing comeback.

But with 2 ‘on the clock, the QB opponent, Foles, threatened another insult in extremis. This time the secondary has not betrayed: 2nd interception of the game for Lattimore. Victory. The Saints have a stellar attack, but who knows with the Rams on Sunday night, is not back to defend the trump card of Coach Payton … spendthrift – There is always the other side of the coin, for a success story end of football.

That the defeated, the accomplice victim of another’s glory. Alshon Jeffery was the best receiver the Eagles, Sunday: 63 yds, the result of five receptions. But the oval out of hand, like an annoying soap, at decisive dell’intercetto. A drop, they say in the States.

It thus became the scapegoat. The difference between the business at hand and materialized nightmare. “My fault,” he said, honest. “I’ll just make it, will motivate me for next season.” He played with broken ribs, he has run later discovered. But social networks have made it to pieces. No mercy for the defeated hero.

THE JOURNAL VIDEO TV from the http://1xbet.footballresultstoday.org/ couch to the glory – The Rams have the team’s reputation “finesse”. Angelina: show more than the competitive ferocity. So fireworks attack, wonderful creature of a beautiful mind as Coach McVay. But when the playoffs you expect some kind of super passing game, here come the races. Old school style.

Machismo applied to the gridiron. 273 total yds ground. 115 Gurley, ok. But above 123, with two contour destinations, CJ Anderson. Who?

Anderson, RB won the Super Bowl in 2016 with Denver, had been cut by Carolina after 9 games. And unemployed signed on 18 December by the Rams, for emergency injuries. And now … When you find yourself in the right place at the right time.

To win at the Superdome to the Rams will serve his physical and mental toughness. brady to belushi – When the going gets tough … the tough get going. Tom Brady, even at age 41, the playoffs remain a machine. 28 won, 10 lost.

13 Conference finals in 18 seasons as a starter. A cartoonish super hero. Eight playoff games 2019, new names and suggestive behind the center, and the one that launched the most yds remains the same: TB12, 343 yds.

In Kansas City will start as underdogs, but bet against him is chosen type Indiana Jones The Last Crusade: the wrong that destroys you, together with your predictions. mahomes by mvp – A Watson, Jackson and Trubisky debut playoffs by QB had gone wrong. Defeat, and not exactly a great impression. He seemed rather immune to pressure, against Indianapolis.

Electrifying, spectacular. Irresistible. The Chiefs have enjoyed the difference in yield between the hesitations of Smith, good son, but damn ordinary, and the defiant exuberance of Satan second year, the successor to the QB did leave for Washington DC in the summer.

That Brees is history from fumettone, but the MVP will win Mahomes. Choice damn sexy. Temptation inevitable. To beat the usual suspects Patriots will serve a performance by MVP. If it can beat even Brady arrive at the Super Bowl with the brightness of a comet …

Otherwise the label of “best” will still be decent consolation …. Patrick Mahomes. AFP Riccardo Pratesi  @ rprat75

March 2, 2019 – Milan Enrica Rinaldi is time for the European Under 23 class. From Monday 4 to Sunday, March 10 will kick off the festival Continental in Novi Sad in Serbia, important event for the youth national team who endeavor to improve the spoils last year in Istanbul, where Italy has closed with just one bronze, to Enrica Rinaldi.

To achieve the Team Manager Lucio Caneva convened 7 blue: “In qualifying the senior World Cup in Tokyo in 2020, the under-23 European take a secondary position, but by no means should be underestimated. The choice fell on the best exponents of the class, those who today have more chance of success. ” BLUE – Now in its fifth edition, the juvenile continental competition continues to enjoy success in terms of participation.

The edition of the 2015 debut for Italy marked the first successful Frank Chamizo with his European title in the 65 kg freestyle. The blue team is made up of Gabriele Doro (86 kg SL), William Raffi (92 kg SL), Simone Iannattoni (97 kg SL), John Brake (55 kg GR), Luca Dariozzi (77 kg GR), Mirco Minguzzi (87 kg GR) and Enrica Rinaldi (76 kg). PROGRAM – The continental review takes place, as is now usual, two days for each specialty.

It starts with the greek-Roman: race Monday, March 4 Brakes, Dariozzi and Minguzzi. Wednesday 6 and Thursday, 7 March will be the turn of women struggle with Rinaldi in the race on the first day. The Europeans will close with the last two days dedicated to freestyle: Friday, March 8 will be up to Iannattoni, and Saturday, March 9 at Doro and Raffi.

Sunday closing with the last final for the title in freestyle. THE JOURNAL VIDEO TV Chiara Money  @ thatsamoney_

12 March 2019 – Milan Sebastian Vettel, 31, a four-time world champion (2010-13) and Charles Leclerc, 21, making his debut with Ferrari GETTY IMAGES We, teams and drivers are now in Australia where on Sunday (6.10 am Italian, live on Sky) takes the World 2019: Mercedes-Ferrari will be another challenge? The Red Bull of baby Max Verstappen phenomenon able to fit between the protagonists?

Vettel, who won the last two editions of the race at Albert Park, is optimistic about the first round of the season: “Of course, the most beautiful are related to the last two seasons, when we have won many victories explained the German driver on the site of the red – but I also like to remember my first podium with Ferrari, won here in 2015 debut with the Scuderia. This is a very special track because you have to find harmony with the path: you must remember well the trajectories, it is not always easy to identify the perfect spot for braking and more the road is often bumpy.

But to us pilots like. If we were asked if we would like it to be re paved probably we would say no, because it is unique. ” DEBUT – Melbourne is a milestone as well for Charles Leclerc, in his first race with Ferrari: “Obviously it will be special to me.

I’m satisfied with the work done during the tests and I can not wait to get on track because it is in the race weekend that you have to reap the fruits of the work done during the winter with a good result. ” THE TECHNICAL DIRECTOR – Somehow it’s also a debut for Mattia Binotto in the dual role of principal theme and technical director: The race that marks the beginning of the season is always very important, and that this year it is even more because in 2019 the Scuderia Ferrari turns 90. We are really happy to be able to count on a couple of extraordinary drivers like Sebastian and Charles.

Archived winter testing, the whole team wants to get on track to compete with opponents that we know to be very, very strong. We are the first in a series of stages and our job is to try to embarrass those who last year proved to be stronger.

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